Google AdWords

When initialized and managed properly, Google AdWords can drive a ton of immediate, targeted traffic to your web site instantly.  However, if you’re not experience, you can drain money very quickly with AdWords. WebSensePro can manage your PPC campaigns effectively and help you refine and monitor them so that you will see a positive ROI (Return On your Investment).

Landing Pages

Creating separate landing pages for different keyword groups.

Keyword Research

Research keywords based on client market competition and niche

pay per click management


The Role Of PPC Advertising

re marketing, pay per click management for Google adwords
PPC is the need of business now


Pay Per Click Needs A Perfect Combination Of Strategic Planning and Statistics

We provide PPC marketing services to small businesses. We work with you to increase your profits and help you get more clients.

Many people just launch campaign and forget about it. With the help of Conversion Tracking in Adwords and Google Tag manager we help our clients to provide an exact cost of conversion.  Some keywords will convert leads more than other keywords. Tracking your campaign conversions is a key to enhance your PPC strategy.

The majority of internet user’s search keywords are more than three words. The more words user enters in a search, the more specific the intent is. That’s what is called the ‘long tail keyword strategy’ and most of the converting keyword phrases are long tail. We’ll analyze your campaign to reveal
these search phrases so you can spend on converting traffic only.

Google’s AdWords ads limit the number of characters significantly so it’s no time to get too wordy. A/B split testing means constantly testing small variations in ad copy to test, tweak and refine to ensure that we are maximizing the budget.