1. Standard Terms And Conditions

Terms and Conditions mentioned here are related to all the work undertaken by WebSensePro, and are applicable to all our clients.

    2. Fees and Payment Terms.

Payment terms set by our company are very simple and do benefit both parties. We require 50% advance payment of the total charges agreed mutually for the project. Rest of the amount shall be due upon completion of work as per your reasonable satisfaction and requirement. We reserve the right, not to commence further work unless the payment has been made in full.

The initial amount deposited is refundable only in a case where we fail to deliver work as per the terms agreed. We are not liable to make any refund if the development work once starts, and you intend to opt out of the project.


You will be liable to provide us material for the project we undertake. We will not be responsible for the delay in work if you fail to deliver the materials promised which might cause failure to meet the deadline agreed. Materials can be, but not limited to, pictures, logos, quotes, or other marketing material that you feel necessary to provide. In a case of delay, we reserve the right to extend the deadline as per the situation.

We reserve the right to invoice you for the materials, if you fail to deliver.


WebSensePro offers a reasonable number of revisions to its clients. We possess the right to choose the number of revisions we offer to our client. If the revisions result in a major change in design, we may charge you for extra services we render.

We charge $15 per hour for extra services we render as per the client’s request.


Project planning and estimates are worked out at the initial period, assuming your full and timely cooperation. We can only meet deadlines if you fulfill your commitments within time. An important phase while commencing development is when feedback is required from the client. It is better to appoint an individual who gives us feedback for the work we do, so that the work may commence smoothly and under mutual agreement.


Upon completion of work from our side, it is necessary for you to provide us feedback and notify us for rectifications regarding the project. Any rectification that you fail to report us within a week’s time will be considered as approved, and once the work is considered as approved will not be qualified as unsatisfactory be any means. The balance 50% payment will be due after the 7 days review period.


If you fail to provide reasonable argument regarding the rectifications performed by WebSensePro within the given time, we may consider the work performed as “Approved”. Subsequently, the payment will be due as per the terms agreed initially.


You are liable to obtain ownership for the material used on your project. Materials may include pictures, logo, names, trademarks, or any other material you provide.


Licensing to the website for life will only be granted upon clearing any dues that may stand unpaid.


We perform Search Engine Optimization to the best of our knowledge and according to the standards set out by well-known search engines. We do not guarantee any specific position in the search engine results as they deem to change frequently.


We shall not be liable to any loss or damage that occurs due to delay in performance or completion of the project.


We hold the right to outsource any services to complete your project as we deem necessary.


We, or any other third party contractors we engage in completion of your work agree to keep your information confidential and will disclose any information to anyone.


It is our right to charge you for any additional costs that might occur due to your special requirements. It may not be limited to purchase of templates, third-party applications, images, domain registration, hosting, or any other purchase.


You will be responsible to keep a backup of your project’s data once we handover the license to you. We will not be liable to restore or perform any work after the transition of license has been commenced successfully and the project is used under your command, except in a case the loss of data arises due to our act.


Domain and Web hosting access will be granted only when your dues are cleared in full, and there is zero balance outstanding.


We aim to make flexible projects that are compatible for most of the browsers and applications. We ensure that the project runs smoothly under various circumstances so that you may not face any inconvenience. Furthermore, extensive testing is done on projects to ensure flawless results and optimized performance. We will provide substitute for any incompatibility that arises.


You will be held responsible to comply with any rules and regulations that may be necessary for the product you opt to show up on your project. WebSensePro or its sub-contractors will not be liable to bear any loss, claim, penalty that arises due to your project.