5 Super Awesome Web Design Tools for 2017

Web Design Tools for 2017

Web designing and development is growing really fast and exponentially. It is also getting new tools, techniques and learning curves. So in this post we will be discussing some of the latest web design tools for 2017 to help with our development process.

So hopefully following tools will help you kick start your development process with ease and less complication

1) CSS Pre-Processors

CSS is very easy to understand and straight-forward but when your project grows in a larger scale you have to manage multiple CSS files. If you already have experience of working in that kind of project it means you know that it’s actually hard to maintain too many CSS files. Now this is the time when you should try CSS Pre-processor which allows us to write CSS in a way we write PHP and other dynamic codes with variables and functions. Following is the list CSS of Pre-processors available:

2) Affinity

Second best tool in latest web design tools for 2017. It’s really a software which is redefining the boundaries of photo editing. Awesome tool for vector edits without compromising quality of your image assets. Also latest version Affinity 1.5 comes with really great features for e.g. HDR Merge, 360° image editing and many more.

Checkout the video https://vimeo.com/185763872 it will really amaze you.

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3) Macaw

Design attractive layout for your website without any technical knowledge. Setting break points for responsive design and writes semantic HTML. Layout designing like Adobe Photoshop, it converts your design to usable HTML and CSS which follows the best practice from the community. Worth trying as it’s free.

4) Antetype

Another great tool for responsive design and mobile UI/UX. Tool come with 400+ readymade widgets and allows creation of your custom widget as well. Use any browser from Antetype viewer to check your design and interactions. It also generates CSS code designed in Antetype.

5) Marvel

Easiest way to start your design no downloads required. Design everything in browser just in minutes. It is easy to use for everyone regardless of any knowledge to code. Prototypes created in Marvel will work well in different environments for e.g. Android, Desktop and iOS. Sync your designs Dropbox, whatever change you will add in design it will be automatically updated in this.

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