5 Tips To Attract More Visitors To Your Blog/Website

1. Optimize your web site for Google

Let’s origin with Google so that it gets out of our way. I am sure that you all admit that the best and strongest way to get free traffic is by developing your web site for Google. Google controls more than 70% of search engine market share and a area in one of the main positions of Google search is a best source of free traffic.
The issue is that the competition is high so you need to have a best web site both in terms of satisfied and SEO if you want to take a share of the pie. What you can do? SEO check your web site to make sure that it is well developed for Google and post good quality content on a regular basis. Ok, now that Google is out of the box, let’s see from which other ways you can get free traffic.

2. Don’t forget about Yahoo and Bing

Yahoo and Bing may not have the market value of Google but a main position in either Bing or Yahoo can bring in a more number of visitors. I have web sites that rank on the top positions for known keywords on both Google and Bing and although the traffic I received from Bing is ¼ of what I get from Google it is still a best source of free traffic.

What you can do? The first step you need to take is get register with Bing Webmaster engine and enter your website.

Second, you need to be shown in Facebook and Twitter. Bing and Yahoo cut into account (in their ranking algorithm) the sum of Facebook likes and Tweets so the high likes and tweets your pages have, the more chances of ranking top in Bing and Yahoo.

3. Create a mobile version of your web site

More and more viewers are searching the web seeing their mobile phones. The sum of mobile searches are rising dramatically and you just can’t avoid them. Current studies show that 28% of mobile searches are transferring within an hour so it is very necessary to provide for a mobile designed version as well.

4. Guest post on high traffic web sites

Many people accept that guest posting is about having links but this shouldn’t be the case. The main logic of why you should guest post to different website is the traffic uses and not having a link marking to your website. A guest post on a known website may rank top as well and this will develop a steady flow of free traffic to your site. Here you can find 30+ Best Marketing And Tech Blogs To Follow In 2018

5. Keep your content fresh

‘Keep it fresh and keep important’, this was Google’s response on the importance of having relevant content on your website. New content can give you more free traffic either through more regular visitors (people will come back to see if you have posted new content), more social media remarks or more live visits (search engines will drag your website more often).

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