9 Basic Ways to SEO Optimize Your Online Store

If you’re dropping out on clicks, you’re presumably also missing out a lot on sales. With that, there’s no wonder that ranking higher among other online stores on searches is a must. You need to learn search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to optimize your e-commerce site and generate more leads for your business. Whether you’re starting from scratch or improving your website, you can check out TTDEYE’s web store and gather how they set up their SEO. Here are some tips we’ve gathered for you to amp up your SEO game.

#1 Level Up Your Page Loading Speed

Your online store’s page loading speed is essential for a couple of reasons. Be minded that Google can easily detect slow load speed and may affect your ranking. Moreover, a sluggish website can impact the user experience, and they can quickly abandon your page. As a consequence, it will add up to your negative interactions and will jeopardize your place too. On the opposite view, if your site loads fast, visitors can easily navigate, shop what they need, and be a return customer. Google’s algorithm can recognize your online store’s popularity and rank you up in searches accordingly.

#2 Provide High-Quality Content and Products

Updating the content and products on your online store is crucial. You must provide visitors with a reason to keep returning, so you can encourage more traffic to your page and boost its popularity. All your content and product must be high-quality and timely. Be minded that one aspect that affects your ranking is dwell-time. This factor shows how much time a visitor consumes on your online store per visit. If your e-commerce page has exciting and fresh products, people will most likely stay longer, enhance your dwell time, and eventually, your SEO ranking.

#3 Maximize Usage Of Keywords

Keywords take a significant role in the Google ranking algorithm. You should add words you think people will look for in your content. But, do it moderately. If you overuse them, Google will detect this, and it can have adverse effects on your search rankings.

For keywords to bring positive impact, see to it that they fit smoothly in your sentences. Place them on image captions and header tags. You also have the option to select long-tail keywords, consisting of phrases that typically appear on searches. For instance, one will most likely not only type the words “contact lenses” when they’re searching. Most probably, they’ll input “best contact colored contact lenses.” If the keywords suit what they need, your online store has a bigger chance of being ranked higher.

#4 Optimize Your Images

Choosing the best pictures and images that would entice your visitors to buy your products is vital. However, it doesn’t end there. You need to ensure that the photos are optimized correctly for these images to boost your SEO ranking. These factors include file size and format. Large images can significantly affect your online store’s loading time, which gains impact your ranking. Optimize images by compressing or resizing them. You can also utilize these photos to add keywords by labeling them appropriately.

#5 Make Your Online Store Interactive

The content on your online store shouldn’t be all written words or still images. There are an array of multimedia elements you can use like slideshows, videos, or music to our e-commerce page. These all can significantly boost the user experience. For newbies, it is good-to-know information that most consumers prefer to watch videos. Wondering why? It’s relatively more convenient to watch something rather than take the time to read about it. Also, multimedia sources play a big part in SEO ranking. These elements can remarkably amp up the time a visitor spends on your online store. People could be watching videos about your products for several minutes, and it will surely raise your search ranking.

#6 Optimize Your Online Store For Mobile Devices

This one is a gimmick as you surely know that mobile use is rising so quickly. It’s so fast that it already overtook laptop and computer devices. More than 60& of Google searches are from the mobile platform, and the Google algorithm considers this and ranks pages appropriately. No doubt that your e-commerce page should be optimized for mobile consumers. If not, it can be an obstacle for better user experience and negatively impact your ranking.

#7 Provide Contact Information

Have you ever crossed some online store before and had difficulties finding the contact information of the company or business? This scenario must never happen on your e-commerce page. Necessary contact information should be readily available and placed in clear and plain sight for visitors to find. One of the worst things you won’t ever like to happen is for consumers to begin reporting your online store simply because they cannot find your location, phone number, or email address. This can quickly dampen your SEO ranking.

#8 Try Blogging

Blogging is beneficial for your online store. It’s a great tool you can add to generate leads and help you attract more visitors to your page. What most business owners aren’t aware though, is that blogging also boosts SEO rankings. As previously mentioned, providing relevant and recent content can entice people to your page and offer them another reason to spend more time on your site.

Blogging about your products is surefire in helping you amp up dwell time. If you can get a considerable number of readers, you can encourage more traffic to your online store and positively affect your SEO ranking.

#9 Make Your Site Readable

Keep your visitors engage by using proper and more straightforward words on your online store. If you want them to continue browsing on your e-commerce page, speak in terms that they can relate. If your niche involves a great selection of contact lenses, then, choose terms that are chic and trendy. If you are selling sports equipment, use more action words to appear more energetic. Remember, you should present your online store in a way that most of your targeted consumers can understand. It will have a positive domino effect from your dwell time, popularity, SEO ranking, and eventually, your revenues.

Search engine optimization should be one of your topmost priorities. While it may be difficult at first, positive results can be achieved through the proper techniques and approach. Follow the tips in this guide, and soon enough, you’ll be ranking higher on searches and reap more earnings for your online store.

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