Add Vibrant Gradient Background – Elementor Tips and Tricks

In this YouTube video, the creator demonstrates how to add a vibrant gradient background using Elementor, a popular page builder for WordPress websites. The tutorial is aimed at users who want to add some visual interest to their website by incorporating a colorful gradient background.

The video begins with a brief introduction and then dives into the step-by-step process of adding a gradient background. The first step is to add a new container in Elementor, which serves as the area where the gradient will be applied. The creator then adds a spacer to create some distance between the content and the background.

Next, the tutorial covers the gradient settings, which allow users to choose the colors and direction of the gradient. The creator demonstrates how to create a vibrant gradient using a combination of bright colors.

The tutorial also covers duplicating the gradient, which can be useful for creating a consistent look across multiple pages or sections of a website. Finally, the video concludes with a demonstration of how to add CSS code to the container, which provides additional customization options for users who want to fine-tune the appearance of their gradient background.

Overall, this video is a useful resource for anyone looking to add a colorful gradient background to their website using Elementor. The step-by-step instructions and clear demonstrations make it easy for even novice users to follow along and create a visually appealing design element.

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selector {
overflow: hidden; }
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