Adobe Is Making Record Revenue

No matter what whether its Image designing, web designing or app designing Adobe is the most favorite tool used now days. We have been in the field of web designing and development for about 10 years serving clients in which some of them are featured in Fortune 500. And we did not spend our one single day without Adobe Photoshop editing images and adjusting slices in website. Imagine how important this tool has become for companies who are in the field of web designing and development.


Mark Garrette (Adobe Vice President and Chief Financial Officer) says second quarter is highlighting strong profit and record revenue. Adobe has achieved $1.40 billion revenue quarterly representing 20 percent growth every year which is a very attractive number.

Adobe’s cloud solutions are powering digital transformation at the world’s biggest brands, educational institutions and government agencies,” said Shantanu Narayen
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Benefits of using Photoshop one of the finest products of Adobe

Photoshop Actions are a set of recorded phases which can be repeated in the actions palette. It is one of the wonders of Adobe Photoshop that sometimes not noticed anyone. Actions can help save time by doing repetitive tasks. It is a blessing to users that it has great options that give pleasing results. It has many options as it may convert images to black and white, resize them without effecting pixels, can create many effects, and combine classy techniques and several others. You can save time using Photoshop.

But apart from saving time, there are also many others benefits using Photoshop for those who didn’t believe in magic of Photoshop. Here are as follow:

  1. Simple to Use
  2. Speeds up the editing process
  3. Learn more of Photoshop through actions
  4. Save you from repeating steps
  5. Allows you to enhance photos in one click
  6. Apply various effects easily
  7. Saves time
  8. Work like an expert
  9. Get consistent results
  10. Can save money from hiring experts

All the figures and numbers are extracted from official adobe website for more information please visit here.
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