Boost Website Speed with CDN (Content Delivery Network)

As we all know it’s very important to have your website blazing fast as no one will ever wait for your website to open up too slow. Website should be completely loaded with in 3 seconds because after that every added second will lose visitor interest to stay on your website. And that’s why everyone is using CDN (Content Delivery Network) let’s find out what CDN actually is:

Content Delivery Network:

A distributed network located geographically on distributed servers that host your website files in order to deliver it faster base on location of user visiting the website.

When user hit the URL through browser and request your website, CDN try to finds the optimal available server to fulfill user request. Which means CDN will find out the closest located server to deliver the best possible results.

Advantages and disadvantages of installing CDN:

As CDN’s are third party services before investing money you should know what are the benefits and hurdles which you may face before jumping into it.


  • Obviously speed is the biggest advantage which can reduce bounce rate and increase conversions in your website.
  • High in capacity means your site will have less load spikes.
  • It also increases security of your website and helps to prevent hacker from your website by adding additional layer to save it from Trojan attacks and other hacking techniques.


  • It may increases financial expenses as CDN’s come with a bit higher cost to operate.

Do you need it or not?

You can check your website performance and speed with free tools available like Web Page Test, Google’s PageSpeed Insights and GTmetrix

Today website is not just a style it’s need of modern business marketing. A marketing tool which helps you explores new regions, new business and clients.

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