Correct Your Web Design Mistakes

Somehow everyone comes to this point: You will check back your website and feel that you did some mistakes in your web design and we are not discussing grammatical errors here. You will notice something and ask yourself how you could do that kind of design mistake. Now you can’t turn back the time but still you can improve your mistakes.

1) Used Pre-Made Theme without Customization? :

There is no big deal if you are using a pre-made theme to make your website up and launch. There are plenty of premium themes and UI elements available through which you can play and design really well. But don’t just import dummy design elements of that pre-made theme because you will complete your website like 1000’s of other websites look identical to yours.

Solution:  Start with a premium theme or contact us. In a reasonable price you will get a set of tools and expert advice which will help a lot to add interaction in your website for your visitors or you clients. With the features which you can give stunning look to your website in addition if you like some other website’s over internet you can simply check there theme from What Theme Is That and find out what are the latest trends in the world of theming.

2) Adding Quality Images:

Try to add really good quality images in your website and avoid poor and blur images because that’s one of the most important factor which can add interaction in your website. If resolution is not good enough visitors will not have any focus.


  • Hire a professional photographer/illustrator to give your images more creativity
  • Use high quality stock images, easily available from google images
  • Match stunning color combination


3) Use Attractive Colors and Typography:

Website designing is like any other designing which needs attention and enthusiastic involvement. Nice colors and good looking typography can enhance user attention and increase conversion rate.


  • This issue can be fixed easily no matter your site is live for quite a while
  • Create a defined pallete for type and color which looks good with each other
  • You can also take help from online tools available like UXPIN

4) Easy to Understand Navigation:

This is one of the most common debates in website designing which revolves around styling navigation. Simple navigation is really an important design element, creating long and complex navigation having too many menu items will create only confusion and nothing. In short avoid multiple navigation levels is a step to create simple and easy to understand navigation.


  • Think your menu again.
  • Having every single inner page in main navigation is not necessary.
  • Label your main navigation clearly to avoid confusion from user end.
  • If your website have too much content it’s better to have second level navigation.
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