It is a virtual shopping cart, adaptable to any site and content, allowing you to build an online catalog with its products and services in minutes, offering alternative online payment and effective customer service. Strengthen its presence on the Internet, opening the way to new markets and next-generation services.

Personnel costs, maintenance and infrastructure will become virtually zero, allowing to have a complete online catalog with information and photos of its products, 24 pm., 7 days a week.

Fully customizable, easily it integrated into your existing website. Or even you can create a new shopping site from scratch.

Through an intuitive Control Panel, will integrate different areas of your company in the online shop: sales, customer service, after-sales, shipments, receipts.

The custom configuration is complete: color, form, panels and logo of your company.
Differential advantages

  • Shop online 24 hours / 7 days a week
  •  Quick and easy loading of products in the catalog
  •  Featured Products,
  •  Product Finder
  •  Cart always visible
  •  Up to 3 levels of categories
  •  Customer loyalty
  •  Sales statistics by customer and date
  •  Multiple payment options and shipping
  •  Credit Cards VISA, MasterCard or AMEX (optional)
  •  Attention live online video (optional)


  •  Login / Register of Customers
  •  Unlimited Customer Groups
  •  Download price lists
  •  Download any file
  •  Product Recommender
  •  Product Inquiry
  •  Top 5 best sellers
  •  Featured Products
  •  Discounted products
  •  Products news
  •  Promotions (Ex. Combo 3 products for the price of 2)
  •  Photo Gallery
  •  Product Catalog
  •  Organization Products in categories and subcategories
  •  Smart Product Finder
  •  Search by brand / author / publisher
  •  Cart
  •  Unlimited creation of self-managing
  •  Means of Payment Module
  •  Module Middle and shipping costs by Destination
  •  type automatic transmission
  •  type manual transmission
  •  Multicurrency
  •  Payment Gateway
  •  Contact form for clients
  •  Banners advertising Unlimited
  •  Unlimited product attributes for products (eg, Waist, Weight, Color, etc.)
  •  intelligent image resizing product
  •  Expanded Product Description
  •  Brief description of the product
  •  Visits statistics (origin, date, time, identification number of times per customer)
  •  Special design Intro
  •  Administration online Style Sheets (eg. Ability to change css)
  •  Choice of arrangement of objects in the Home Page
  •  Choice of arrangement of objects on the inside pages
  •  Design with using Macromedia Flash technology
  •  positioning tools (for example, metatags)
  •  Change E-mails
  •  Sales Report
  •  Customer Reports
  •  Reports of most visited Products
  •  Downloadable Reports in Excel
  •  Backup Database Products and Sales
  •  Backup CSS Stylesheet
  •  Backup Images
  •  Backup Customization

Full version

  •  Referral System
  • System Stock
  •  Backorder (for example, the possibility of product reserve stock)
  •  Ability to add new currencies
  •  Coupon campaign
  •  Direct Payment (for example, when receipts are required without the use of shopping cart)
  •  Survey
  •  Forum
  •  Chat
  •  Collector E-mail address
  •  Large product image
  •  Submission of E-mails
  •  Positioning tools (for example, creating pages with optimization techniques to search bots from the database of e-commerce, etc …)
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