Gogoro Taiwan: Electric Smartscooters

Gogoro startup which is based in Taiwan have successfully raised $150 Million. Gogoro have announced Electric Smartscooters cost starting from USD4100.

In media conference today, co-founder Horace Luke said that this Electric Smartscooters will cost about USD4100 in Taiwan. He also mentioned that 125cc gas scooters are also available that costs about USD 2260.

He did not mentioned that which countries are included for extension of this invention as this currently available only in Taiwan but most of the resources said that it can be expanded to India, Brazil, China and Thailand where these types of vehicles are very popular.

If Gogoro expands to the mentioned markets, it might give huge competition to other scooter makers like HERO in India, which have really potential market for scooters available in afford le pricing. Gogoro claims to have an easy to use battery-swapping system and an app that lets scooter owners analyize everything from the performance prospective.

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