[Elementor 3.14 Beta] New Nested Carousel Widget

Elementor 3.14 includes a new Carousel widget that allows you to nest elements and create highly engaging designs.

The new Carousel widget is nestable, which means that you can add any element you want to each slide. This gives you unlimited flexibility in terms of design. You can also add background images to create 3D-like effects.

To use the new Carousel widget, you will need to activate the Container and Nested Elements features in Elementor. You can do this by going to WordPress Dashboard → Elementor → Settings.

Once you have activated the required features, you can add the Carousel widget to a page. You can then adjust the layout by adding more Carousel Items and changing the Slides to display Slides to scroll, and Equal Height options.

You can also add widgets to the slides and create a layout that fits your design. Continue exploring the carousel settings, navigation, and pagination options.

For more details: https://developers.elementor.com/elementor-3-14-beta/

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