Factors Affect Seo on Google

The SEO is one of the major battles on the internet; in fact there are thousands of articles on the parameters and factors affecting the Google algorithm. A good job of positioning is based on various factors to control and manage, in addition to quality content offered from our website.


This is a compilation of all the factors believed to affect the selection criteria positioning in Google. The quality SEO work to get results in competitive projects with resources “limited,” a lot of creativity, think long term with a clear and realistic strategy, guerrilla marketing and eventually passes maximum care all the details, if we can control and not rely on others. How many times will come an article stating bet heavily on the online channel and spend a pittance of its resources to the construction and promotion of what I like to call “the virtual extension of your business’ customer.

According to sources at Google, published in the help section for Webmasters can say that there are over 200 factors that Google uses the algorithm to determine the position of a URL in search results, surely many of them have minimal importance compared with the top factors, but we have tried to accommodate them, many everyone regardless of whether they are mere rumors or as low impact not really worth devote great efforts.

Extract help Webmasters:  “When a user enters a query, our system searches the index pages that match the query and displays the results considered most relevant to the user. Relevancy is determined by over 200 factors, one of which is the parameter PageRank  of a page. This parameter represents the importance Google assigns to a page based on the links from other websites. In other words, each link to a page of a site influences the PageRank of it. Not all links are equal: Google works to improve the service offered to the user identifying fraudulent links and other practices that negatively influence search results. The best links are those based on the quality of the site content. ”

Source:  https://www.google.com/support/webmasters/bin/answer.py?hl=es&answer=70897

The following post is structured depending ranking factors affecting the domain, server, information architecture, content, internal and external links, elements affecting the landing page, keywords, visitor and conduct in the site profile, sanctions, filters and other factors. Some points have not considered the need for further explanation for its simplicity, lack of time, or little relevance. Everything about link building deserves a separate post and will try further in the very near future.

Factors SEO on Domain

– Domain Age

Seniority or domain age is an important factor for obtaining confidence in the eyes of Google. To know the age of a domain you can check you Whois for example.

– Expiration date

Date when a domain expires in relation to the current date. It can be considered a parameter that affects the positioning for the simple fact that a domain is renewed or purchase a 1 year ahead is not a long-term, synonym (as both likes to google) of robustness and reliability, which surely positively affects the eyes of search engine king, others see it as trivial or false submission that is not worth it for lack of resources or going to run certain “risks” in your  SEO strategy . Test and study it deserves.

– Date of indexing

As important as the age factor, because if the domain is 10 years old but has not been indexed is virgin eyes of search engine king. The way to check it apart from the whois shift is with the simple search, which gives you the information you need to know when it has indexed a domain. You have to perform a search Site: tudominiosinlas3www and end of the url hits & have the date of indexing pages in the last 20 years, not the last indexing, but the original.

– Domains higher and geographic level (eg .com and .com)

The .Com synonymous shortage and old. Domains that provide a better positioning in the geographical area where you decide to have more audience and get a little competitive advantage in SEO.

– Domains and subdomains

The eternal debate on multilanguage sites, if termination regional domains, subdomains, subfolders, to premium domain for each language as if Bodas.net, you bet very loud and clear by the multilanguage with premium domains seo KEM.For to aspire to be a monster of content as a classifieds portal and index it can be more appropriate subdomains to create landings / blogs / micro-sites / any source with KEM to enhance the deep linking with anchors optimized without any fear.

– Recently domain records (how often changing IP)

It is good to go changing the IP to put links to other domains who shared the old IP, and if it’s not good now is always safe that soon …

– Most owners of the domain (the frequency with which changes ownership)

Like the IP, domains that have gone through a thousand hands and some if not now be penalized domains.

– Keywords in the domain.

What is clear to have the word / s key in the domain name it still remains important  SEO factor,  but the seo brand has also increased and much of its importance, the classic phrase ” what matters is the branding “increasingly is more true in  SEO land .

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