Google Chrome Tabs Discards

Google Chrome one of the most famous browser for web developers now can create issues in system memory specially if you are web designer or a guy who opens 25+ tabs in one time it’s probably worst for you. Google is considering a remedy by closing your most least interesting tabs when your computer memory is getting weak, I think I should make myself more clear those will not be deleted all at once you can still see them on tab strip, but the pages will reload again once you get engaged on them again.

This feature will show up in new builds of Chromium (development version of google chrome). Its really an interesting feature when you have many tabs open at one time but you are not actually seeing them which will save your computer from memory lacking.

In mobile chrome its already happening which you may have noticed multiple times, according to the resources it will also benefit desktop user who feel chrome is getting sluggish over the recent years.

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