History of Web Development

History of Web Development

It’s just been 26 years before that websites were just HTML documents served by simple HTTP daemons. It means if anyone wants to edit it is like editing documents but can’t check their edits before uploading on web but, Now, The websites are like any software, that there’s some kind of Content Management System (CMS) behind every website, and a complete workflow for development and deployment.

Going back to the start of Internet, when internet is born in 1969 there were no such things like website. In 1989, 20 years later the world’s first website arrives with pretty dark screens. 5 years later in 1994 Yahoo, Netscape and Amazon launch. The “at” sign (@) generates confusion among Newscasters.

In 1997 Hundreds of Millions domain launches in the world and Time Magazine announces the headline in their Magazine “WELCOME TO WIRED WORLD”.

Websites boom peaks in 2000. Also PHP 4.0 released the first purpose-built language for websites.

2001 the incredible year for Internet world when geocities.com gets more traffic than google.com

Drupal 1.0 also released in year 2000.

Year 2002 when internet can connects through air signals, the WIFI goes mainstream.
The internet becomes 2 way streets. Businesses demands tools to manage their sites, but most developments still done on live servers via FTP in year 2004.

Releasing of IPhone 1 in the year 2007 and a first ever developer tool MAMP a first step to setting developers free from managing servers.

Year 2009 Github.com launches Cloud Computing. Many Developers feel the pain of fragmented environments.

DevOPS becomes household word for developers in year 2010.

We can’t imagine a web development without PHP, PHP is a language release in 1996 as a core web language (it’s directly runs on a server, can be embedded in HTML and supports SQL databases) the language is now used on over 80% of all websites.

As we are talking about PHP then can’t forget HTML5 a new version of HTML which contains all features of CSS, HTML, and JAVA Script.

HTML5 is believed to be one of the best platforms today.


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