How to Add Breadcrumbs with Rank Math Elementor [FREE]

How to Add Breadcrumbs with Rank Math Elementor?

Welcome back to WebSensePro! In today’s tutorial, We will guide you through the process of adding breadcrumbs to your Elementor website using Rank Math. Breadcrumbs not only improve navigation but also make your pages more SEO-friendly. So, let’s dive into the tutorial and learn how to leverage this powerful feature.

Activate Rank Math Plugin

Begin by navigating to your WordPress dashboard. In the plugins section, search for “Rank Math” and activate the plugin if you haven’t already. With Rank Math activated, you’ll have a new set of SEO tools at your disposal.

Enable Breadcrumbs in General Settings

Once Rank Math is activated, go to the general settings. Look for the “Breadcrumbs” option on the left side. Enabling this function will give you the ability to customize your breadcrumbs. You can choose a separator of your preference to enhance the visual appeal.

Customize Breadcrumbs for Your Homepage

Nida demonstrates how to customize the breadcrumbs for the homepage. You can choose the separator and configure the home page link according to your preferences. This ensures that your website’s homepage link appears as desired in the breadcrumbs.

Styling Breadcrumbs with Elementor

Moving on to Elementor, Nida shows us how to add breadcrumbs to a post. Instead of using the typical HTML code, she recommends adding a text editor for better styling options. This allows you to play with font colors, sizes, and styles, giving your breadcrumbs a personalized touch.

Advanced Settings for Breadcrumbs

Nida walks us through the advanced settings for breadcrumbs, such as adding a prefix to the breadcrumb path. This feature allows you to customize the text before the breadcrumbs, providing additional context for your users.

Explore Additional Options

The tutorial covers other advanced options, including configuring breadcrumbs for archive pages, setting a format for search result pages, and adjusting settings for multiple posts. Nida also explains how to show or hide the post title in breadcrumbs and include/exclude categories based on your preferences.

In conclusion, adding breadcrumbs to your Elementor website using Rank Math is a simple yet effective way to enhance user experience and improve SEO. Nida’s tutorial provides valuable insights and tips for customization, ensuring that your breadcrumbs not only guide visitors but also align with the overall aesthetics of your website.

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