How To Add Threads Icon To Shopify Store?

Hello everyone, and welcome back to WebSensePro, your go-to channel for all things Shopify customization, tips, and tricks. In today’s video, we’re diving into the world of Shopify themes and showing you how to seamlessly add the coveted thread social media icon to both the header and footer of your Shopify store. Stick with us through this tutorial, and you’ll soon be flaunting a unique and eye-catching thread icon on your online storefront.

Step 1: Obtaining the Thread Social Media Icon:
Before we get started, I’ve got a special treat for you. I’ve managed to snag the thread social media icon in high-quality SVG format, and you can find the download link in the video description. No need to scour various repositories; I’ve got you covered!

Step 2: Enabling Social Media Icons:
To begin, we’ll enable social media icons on both the header and footer. I’ll guide you through the customization settings, ensuring that your social media icons are not only visible but also properly linked to your desired platforms.

Threads Icon

Step 3: Trick of the Trade:
Now, here’s the exciting part. While Shopify may not provide a direct option for the thread social media icon, we’ve got a clever trick up our sleeves. By replacing the SVG code of an existing social media icon – let’s say TikTok – with the thread icon’s SVG code, we can effortlessly make it appear where we want.

Step 4: Implementation:
I’ll walk you through the steps of editing the code, emphasizing the importance of creating a duplicate of your theme before making any changes. Safety first! The tutorial includes opening the SVG file, copying the code, and pasting it into the designated area for the TikTok icon. Don’t forget to add the necessary class to make the icon functional.

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That wraps up today’s tutorial on adding the thread social media icon to your Shopify store. We hope you found this guide helpful and that you’re now ready to elevate your store’s aesthetic. Don’t forget to like this video, comment on the channel, and subscribe for more tutorials. Until next time, have a great day, and happy customizing!

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