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Convert Speech To Text Using Whisper AI

Discover the extraordinary Whisper AI, an advanced system that can convert speech to text automatically. It has been trained using a massive amount of data, consisting of 680,000 hours of speech from various languages and topics found on the internet. This extensive training helps Whisper AI become more accurate in understanding different accents, dealing with background noise, and handling technical language. It can even transcribe speech in multiple languages and translate them into English.

The creators of Whisper AI believe in sharing their knowledge, so they have made the models and code available for anyone to use. This means developers and researchers can build useful applications and explore further advancements in speech processing. By using Whisper AI, you can improve accessibility, increase productivity, and enable seamless communication across different languages. Join the journey and witness the incredible capabilities of Whisper AI as it transforms speech into text and opens up a world of possibilities for everyone to enjoy.

Install Whisper AI

!pip install git+
!sudo apt update && sudo apt install ffmpeg

Run Whisper AI

 !whisper "ENTER FILE NAME HERE" --model medium


!whisper -h
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