How To Create Web Content That Works?

How To Create Web Content That Works?

There are many tips and practices that can help generate valuable content to be shared on the Internet, that’s why I decided to make this article using a technique called Content Curation . Which surely many know and others less so.

Enrique Dans defines the content curator who in his blog as: “… consume content, filters, which collects, shares it, and learn from the answers to the same”

Adding some my idea about the concept and using reference Enrique say:

“The Content Curator is the person consume content, filters, which collects, shares it, and learn from the responses to it. Then takes the most relevant of the idea and transforms it into a unique content that reflects their own vision and understanding of each concept acquired ”

In the above concept using a technique of Content Creation, though unrefined for my taste, allowing you to see clearly the application of the technique.

The inspiration for this article got to read the article written by Amit Agarwal on his blog Digital Inspiration

20 tips to optimize web content writing.

1. The brief, precise and well presented content does tend to generate a lot of acceptance and appreciation.

2. Using the technique of inverted pyramid helps capture the attention of your reader because Internet users have short attention spans and now with the penetration of mobile devices.Inverted pyramid image

3. The title is almost as important as the text, since the struggle for attention begins when it is visible in many digital channels as:

a) Web browsers.

b) Readers RSS.

c) Newsletters

d) Social networks.

4. Follow the pattern in the form of F . Various studies tracking eye movement suggests that readers “scan” the web pages quickly seeing two horizontal and one vertical content.

You need to present the content in a way that, in the quick scan does not go unnoticed so important .

a) Make a table of contents for long articles.

b) Use headings and subheadings.

c) Add titles to images.

d) Use italics or bold to highlight important points and put relevant information in the form of outstanding events.

e) Transmits one idea per paragraph.

5. It is provided that when generate Internet content writing these to the world, so you should avoid using slang or very complex language. When using humor and words used in your country you should do it carefully, because what is considered funny in certain culture may not be in another.

6. If you are going to present figures in content, give clues to the reader to interpret them correctly. The figures are of great interest to many readers, if you add your personal interpretation would generate a value to content that many readers tend to appreciate. For example, if we say that a country allocates certain amount to spending on education, it is necessary to compare that figure with other (social spending, health, etc.) ending with a personal touch.

7. Step into the shoes of the reader and tries to answer possible questions: ¿ ? Why ?, Who, Where ?, When ?, Why? and how ?. This is super important when you’re writing about a fact or event, or if you are reviewing a product or service.

8. Make sure that all information is correct and comes from trusted sources. By stating a fact – as the average life of an African elephant it is 70 years – you must cite credible sources to support that fact .

9. Agrees to think and investigate for a day or two when we think of a new idea for an article. The initial idea can be greatly improved if instead of writing surface and immediately, we learn and meditate on it.

10. Analyze what others have written and think how to improve existing content. For example: include new data, quotes from experts, create videos, submit the information alternately as an infographic, a presentation or even as a book e.

11. From time to time it is good to revive old content. Sometimes we consider valuable content does not get the attention it deserves and is filed without much significance. You can use Google Analytics to identify articles that have received little attention, analyze what may be lacking, how to best present the content, update information and publish it again.

12. The content must be legible through different devices and platforms. Many times we create content that looks good on your desktop but not a mobile phone, this is very important because it lowers the bounce rate from our site.

13. Users can consume content in different formats. Some keep the link to read later, another archived articles in PDF format while others send them to your Kindle or printed, are those who like video and other audio This ability to choose the appropriate format usually produces excellent results.

14. The first image of the article, or thumbnail (thumbnail) must be clear, high quality and eloquent. In almost all cases, the image will appear when the item will be shared on social networks, remember that if the content is king the picture is the entrance to the castle.

15. Use good images within the body of your written content and what will make these “breaks” the reader when reading above or visually scanning the contents. Use a functional format image to image content. – For example, for images with text is better PNG Avoid using common images.

16. Producing videos is a worthwhile effort. YouTube is the second largest world search engine Google results now enable the user results in both text and videos.

17. SEO techniques can not be overlooked. When writing or creating content on the Internet can not forget the techniques of SEO , have a base of the concept or the help of a professional in this area will guarantee good results in the medium and long term.

18. It is important to know how people are consuming and sharing content , for which we recommend using social analytical tools to understand the activity that is generated by our content on social networks and on your website.

19. The indicator gives a better idea of user behavior is the “average time spent on the page” – Note that the longer duration of a user on your website is more relevant your content. If you see that visitors come and go, definitely something wrong and must rethink the way they are generating the content. It may be titles, images, how is distributed.

20. It is recommended that you update your content at least once or twice a week.

effort, time and thought is required to produce useful content and good quality , a website without fresh content can not fight for the longed-reader.

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