How To Do A Diff in VS Code (Compare Files)

How To Do A Diff in VS Code (Compare Files)

Welcome to the channel, fellow developers! In today’s tutorial video, I’ll be guiding you through a quick and efficient way to compare two code files using Visual Studio Code. This handy feature can save you valuable time, especially when you’re navigating through extensive codebases or tracking modifications in specific files.
To begin, open Visual Studio Code and access the Explorer. You can do this by clicking on the Explorer button or using the shortcut Command + Shift + E. Next, open the folder containing the code files you want to compare. For this demonstration, I’m comparing a banner image liquid file with a new file.

Versatility in File Types
It’s essential to note that Visual Studio Code isn’t limited to comparing only Shopify liquid code files. Whether you’re working with PHP, CSS, HTML, or any other coding language, the process remains the same. This flexibility makes it a powerful tool for developers working on diverse projects.

Step-by-Step Comparison

  1. Open the Explorer.
  2. Click on “Open Folder” and select the folder containing the code files.
  3. Right-click on the first file, then select “Select for Compare.”
  4. Click on the second file, then choose “Compare with Selected.”

Understanding the Comparison
The magic unfolds as Visual Studio Code presents a clear visual representation of the code changes. Red highlights signify alterations in line numbers, while green indicates additional code added to the file. This makes it easy to pinpoint modifications and understand the evolution of your codebase.

In under a minute, you’ve learned how to harness Visual Studio Code’s built-in functionality for comparing code files. This skill is not only valuable for personal projects but can significantly enhance collaboration in team settings.

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