How To Do Shopify Liquid Programming Using Chat GPT

2 thoughts on “How To Do Shopify Liquid Programming Using Chat GPT”

  1. I am not an expert programmer in Shopify (or any other software). However, I was able to get ChatGPT to write a couple of rather complex applications. One was a <> application that also display the item number and total products in the collection. I’ve been testing it for a few days on a test site and it is working perfectly. It took me a lot of time to communicate with ChatGPT so it understood what I wanted. It eventually wrote the Liquid Code, The CSS, and the Javascript almost perfectly. Anyway, I would give more time for the product to mature and I think it will be fantastic.

    I am looking for a partner to help develop a Theme that is geared toward Photographers and Artists that carry a large variety of products. I want to use Photoshop Action (outside of Shopify) to create numerous images from a base image to create Wrapped Canvas, Framed Canvas, Framed Photographs (in different colors), and prints.

    The photoshop part is separate from Shopify but is a critical element in developing the theme. I am currently working on the specifications for this Theme and I think it would be successful. I also think it would take a lot of time to develop.

    If this is something you would be interested in, let me know. I’d like to see some of the websites you’ve done.

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