How to Reduce Bounce Rate

How to Reduce Bounce Rate


Bounce Rate is the percentage of sessions on a single page (ie, sessions in which the person left your site from the entrance page without interacting with the page).

There are a few things that bring high bounce rate. For example, users may leave your site from the entrance page if there are issues in the design or usability of the site. You can also leave the site after users view one page if they have the information they need on the page, and they do not need or they have no interest to go to other pages.


The causes of high bounce rate
A high bounce rate may be provided by one or many different things, including:

Sites only one page

If there is only one page on your site, Google Analytics does not register multiple pageviews unless you reload the user’s page. As a result, usually having a high bounce rate sites that only one page. To find out how people use this type of site, implement other forms of tracking content, such as Events.

Wrong execution

If you’re seeing a high bounce rate from a site with multiple pages, check that you’ve added the tracking code to all your pages. See your identity verification set up for more information.

Site design

If the tracking code contains all of your pages but you’re still seeing a high bounce rate, consider:

Changing the design of the entrance (or landing) pages
To optimize those pages that to be more relevant to the search terms that bring users to your site, with ads you’re running, or with keywords you’ve purchased
Changing ads or keywords to better reflect the content of the page
To experiment with changes across the site to optimize your site with Content Experiments.

User habits

The other items can be caused only by the user’s habits. For example, if bookmark maker a user page on your site, go there and then remove, treat it as a bounce.

Lower your bounce rate

Bounce rate because they affect the design of your site and your implementation of Google Analytics, requires lowering your bounce rate and custom specific changes to your site and setup. The bounce rate, and lowering the bounce rate is the same as your individual business.

Review specific data. Too can vary the overall bounce rate for the whole site because of various marketing activities occurring simultaneously. Consider your bounce rate for the particular traffic sources. The use of other dimensions, such as medium, campaign, landing page, so check your bounce rate will also be easier to act against your overall bounce rate.

Evaluate and fix the things that can increase your bounce rate, such as the layout and navigation of the site. Just use your past performance as a basis, and try to improve your current bounce rate associated with the previous data. Allow enough time between changes in order to get enough data so that assess the possible impact of changes on your users and their habits. Try to use Content Experiments to help you.

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