How to Submit Your Shopify Store’s Sitemap to Google Search Console

How to Submit Your Shopify Store’s Sitemap to Google Search Console

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Why Google Search Console Matters

In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of submitting your Shopify store’s sitemap to Google Search Console. This powerful, free tool from Google helps you track and measure organic traffic to your website, providing insights into your website’s performance and potentially boosting your sales through organic traffic.

Getting Started with Google Search Console

Step 1: Access Google Search Console

To begin, go to or use the link provided in the video description for easy access.

Step 2: Adding Your Property

On the Google Search Console homepage, you’ll find a dropdown menu with the option to add your website. Click on “Add property.”

Step 3: Entering Your URL

Select the “URL prefix” option and enter your website’s URL, which should be your main Shopify store domain. Click “Continue.”

Step 4: Verifying Ownership

Google will request verification that you own the website. Follow these steps:

Logging into Your Shopify Store’s Backend

Log in to your Shopify store‘s backend.

Navigating to Your Theme Settings

Click on “Sales Channel” and then select “Online Store.”

Editing Your Code

Scroll down to your active theme and click on the three small dots to edit the code.

Adding the Verification Tag

Locate the theme.liquid file and find the <head> section. Paste the verification tag provided by Google into this section.

Saving Your Changes

Save the theme.liquid file after adding the verification tag.

Verifying Ownership

Return to Google Search Console and click the “Verify” button to confirm ownership.

Step 5: Ownership Verified

After successful verification, you’ll receive a confirmation that your domain ownership is verified.

Submitting Your Sitemap

Step 6: Accessing Your Property

Click on “Go to Properties” after verifying ownership.

Step 7: Submitting Your Sitemap

In the property dashboard, locate the “Sitemaps” option and click on it.

Step 8: Submitting Your Sitemap URL

To submit your sitemap, enter “sitemap.xml” in the provided field and click “Submit.”

Step 9: Checking the Status

Google will process your sitemap submission, displaying either a “Success” or “Failed” status. If it fails, wait for a day before attempting to resubmit.


You’ve now successfully submitted your Shopify store’s sitemap to Google Search Console’s. By doing so, you can monitor organic traffic, gain insights into your website’s performance, and potentially boost your sales through improved visibility on Google.

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