Learn to Create Profitable Campaign in Google Adwords

If and when managed properly, AdWords can be one of the best sources for getting new customers. For your campaign to work effectively and be profitable you need to follow a step-by-step process. Hence this piece has been put together the different components and processes that you need to create a profitable Google AdWords campaign. Let’s get started!

Customer Demand

Component 1. Customer Demand:

Your first step should be to figure out if there is search volume for what you’re going to offer with the help of tools like Google AdWords Keyword Suggestion Tool. If and when you use this tool, you will get to know how often people search phrases and how much will it cost you to advertise on each keyword. The information that you get upon the use of these tools will help you in figuring out which keywords you should use in your first campaign.

Basic Mathematics for Google Adwords

Component 2. Basic Mathematics:

Here you do need to do a little basic mathematics to figure out if you can afford to advertise on a particular keyword. This can be done by calculating the maximum cost-per-click. If and when you compare your businesses’ maximum cost-per-click to the estimated keyword cost-per-click, you will figure out keywords which have no chance of being profitable.

Competitor Research for Google Adwords campaign

Component 3. Competitor Research:

In this step you will need to find competitors who have already tested their campaigns. It is imperative that you do so because they would have already figured out which keywords and ads work in the market and which do not. You can use tools like Keyword Spy which will easily provide you with your competitor’s historical advertising information with white label digital marketing.

Unique Selling Points

Component 4. Figure out your USP:

You need to figure out your USP or unique selling proposition, which differentiates you from competitors and gives people a reason to choose you. It is important that you identify a strong USP for your business as that will help you in generating more traffic from qualified prospects. You need to focus on your core strengths to figure out your USP. Something which makes you stand out from your competitors, something which makes you better than them.


Component 5. Tempting Offer:

You need to stand out from the other ads a prospect is going to see in the search results by coming up with a tempting offer. The offer needs to be valuable and believable. It has been more valuable than the price and doesn’t necessarily has to be cheap, it needs to be ‘value-for-money’. Don’t make offers which are too good to be true as then people will turn skeptical and stay away from your offer.


Component 6. Persuasive Ads:

It is important that you create persuasive ads because such ads with a high CTR will boost your AdWords Quality Score, which will lower the cost per click of your keywords. Good ads will lower your costs while bad ads will raise your costs.

landing pages

Component 7. Compatible landing pages:

Your homepage needs to keep the promise that your persuasive ad makes. You need to create a dedicated landing page that matches the keyword and the ad. When you have compatible landing pages, the prospect will be assured that he or she is going down the right path.

Track Conversions

Component 8. Track Conversions:

You need to track conversions otherwise you will never know which keywords and ads are generating sales and which are losing money. If you don’t track conversions, it will be difficult to optimize your campaigns once it’s up and running.


Component 9. Google AdWords Settings:

You need to use the correct AdWords settings to ensure higher chances for success. Don’t rely too heavily on the default settings because they won’t always be in your best interest. You need to change the device bids, keyword match types and negative keywords settings.


Component 10. Optimization:

After you have enabled your campaign you will need to continuously optimize it to stay profitable. Adjust your bids once you start to get clicks and sales. If and when you start generating sales profitably but still haven’t ranked #1, continue raising your bids.

That’s all. If you follow all the ten steps your campaign will be on its way to profitability.

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