Major Web Designing Mistakes to Avoid in 2017

Major Web Designing Mistakes to Avoid in 2017

Web designing have taken a long route starting from 1990’s. Long journey helped evolving many usability and UX features from time to time. Most of us think that after 20 years we have done lots of design improvement and designers have learnt a lot from their past mistakes. But Neilson Norman group mentioned opposite to what we think in this post

In the battle of great design and UI features we have been continually repeating following errors in web design. Following are the major web designing mistakes to avoid in 2017.

  • Missing Clarity
  • Repetitive Content
  • Hidden Links

Missing Clarity

Most basic and stubborn mistake which we are continually repeating is lack of clarity from the content. We should always have clear Navigation, call to actions and headings to make our users easily understandable that what website is all about. Inappropriate category causes false user expectation which increase confusion for the user.

Repetitive Content

That’s also one of the most repeatable web designing mistakes done by designer/developer now a day which downgrades client website in many ways. It can hurt your website SEO very deeply as search engine don’t know which version of the content to include or exclude. When repetitive content is present in the website owners of the website faces ranking and traffic cut. Best way to use repetitive content is to add meta robot tags which includes “noindex, follow”

Hidden Links

One of the tricky or black hat way to fool search engine was to create hidden links and pages. What they would do is to create links and keywords with same color as their background color so visitor will not see anything but search engine will craw link and keyword. For e.g webmaster created a white background <style=”background-color:white;”> and same font color as well <style=”font-color:white;”> to avoid link to be seen by the genuine visitor. There are some other CSS tricks also to hide text from the visitor eye but all these black hat techniques to improve SEO is very dangerous and risky to use as once search engine track those tricks. They will add your website in penalty box meaning it will not show in top 10 search pages ever again.

We here at WebSensePro try to educate our clients and blog readers to stay away from these techniques. For any SEO or Web Designing/Development query please contact us, we are just an email away.

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