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Hello, in this post I will explain how to optimize your WordPress to load snap. The loading speed of your website is very important and directly affects visits and conversions on your website.

A nice and quick navigation keeps the user leaves your website soon, and increases the likelihood that the user perform what we all want: to buy.

So I recommend to pay attention if you have a website with WordPress. If you follow the instructions indicated you then you can get to improve download speed of your blog or your website approximately 20-30% . Here we go.

Preliminary considerations

First of all, you have to check some things to get a good result in optimization:

    • Make sure your hosting is fast . Here in WebSensePro can inform for quick hosting if you are not a customer already
    • If you have installed on your WordPress plugins that do not use , deshabilítalos, and then remove. They may be assuming an unnecessary delay in discharge rate of your website
    • If you are receiving a lot of spam , delete and add measures to prevent continue to receive it . This spam causes large tables are generated with information that is not useful for your website, and cause the generation of the pages of your website to be somewhat slower.
    • If possible, hire a hosting country wherever your audience, or close . Having a hosting stayed close to where it is most of your audience is important because the response time will be much better, and problems related to network connectivity will be much lower.
    • Operating System specializes in shared hosting . One of the common problems of shared hosting is that if one of the users on your server has a peak views, or just have scheduling problems that generate a limitless resource consumption. This can make other users notice that the server responds slowly service. To avoid this it is important to use systems that isolate the resources of each account so as to ensure a minimum of resources available to each user, and no user is hogging the server recuros. In WebSensePro use the CloudLinux operating system , which allows build silos for each client to ensure a minimum of resources to each account.
    • SSD on the server. SSDs have already alzanzado sufficient reliability to be used on production servers, and the performance difference compared to the old ríjidos disks is very high. MySQL fly on servers with SSDs, and this is especially important when working with CMS to make extensive use of MySQL. SSDs are more expensive and offer less space, but improved performance and speed is remarkable and worth.
    • Nginx reverse proxy to speed up downloading static content. Apache is a very reliable and with lots of possibilities web server is a standard. However there Nginx servers as they are much lighter and respond with greater speed. A good idea is to have Nginx as a reverse proxy that transparently be responsible for serving static content (CSS, images, JavaScript, text, etc ..). Nginx response is faster than Apache and server performance is better when Nginx is used. In WebSensePro employ Ngninx on all our servers.
    • Image enhancement . It is very important that all the images that are uploaded to the website are optimized for the web. If you upload the images as we get your camera or as I have the past, will surely be taking twice (or more) of space they should. On the web images must be optimized to the maximum to make downloading faster. This process is usually quite tedious, along with time, as new contents are uploaded, it is difficult to control everyone up well optimized images. In WebSensePro we have developed a free service so that our customers can optimize images in your account with one click .
    • Web Hosting firewall insurance , even if they seem quite different things are realcionados. Teener a secure hosting able to discard SPAM traffic, or traffic denial of service allows your mind to function more fuida form. If you are the victim of a DDoS attack on the administration of your WordPress or Joomla and you have no protection, surely your website, unable to process as many login attempts end loading slowly. In WebSensePro have firewall web for all our servers , with rules particularly designed to reject spam or DDoS.

After taking into account these preliminary considerations, you can measure the time it takes to load your website before performing any optimizations. You can make it through the next tool .

Upload pictures of your website only if shown: Lazy loading

The last optimization is to install a plugin that makes downloading images go as they shows on a screen . This means avoid downloading images that the user does not see, and therefore do not need to download those. That’s why we are avoiding downloading the images that the user is not displayed on the screen at that moment, and downloading the images as the user will go by scrolling on our website.

The plugin so you can download from here. Once installed and enabled, you will not have to do anything, works automatically.

With this last step we have completed the optimization procedure.

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