Need for a Website Redesign

No matter how latest and state-of-the-art your business website is at the moment of launch. There will be a time when it will require a revamp(new website). As turnaround of latest technological advancement is very fast, it is not possible to deliver online results you require from an outdated website.

After launching your latest website with attractive layout and features. You will be excited to see increase in conversions and online sales from your website. If this is not the case please go through following reason which might be the issue after a redesign:

URL Change

After launching a new website most common issue which we face is not setting proper redirects. Due to that we lose good amount of organic traffic.

So make sure you keep all the URL’s exactly same as your old website. If not please setup proper redirects so there are no 404 and Not Found pages in your website. Are you not sure if this is happening with your website? See below screenshot of Google Search Console which you can see in Crawl > Crawl Errors

google search console for new website

Site Map

XML Sitemap plays an important role in how search engine understands your website structure. Sitemap provides a basic listing for all of the pages and products in your website. To speed up the website indexing process we can submit sitemap in Google Search Console as shown in the screenshot below:

sitemap for new website


Most of the time redesigning of a website cause major drop in keyword ranking. Because the new website does not have keywords showing up any more where old website was ranking. Google algorithms are made to provide relevant and fresh information to their users and if your website don’t have the information any more it will not show up.

The best way to avoid the issue is to ask for help from a SEO expert who can analyze your website before launch so when the new website is up and launched it has the same keywords targeting as your old website was.

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