Planning Your WebSite

Planning Your WebSite

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Planning your WebSite

  1. Set goals

The first thing to do is set ourselves goals we want to achieve according to the information that we will provide.

We must think what the objectives of our website are: disseminate information, promote a partnership, E-commerce, education , entertainment.

Having clear goals will help us to capture not confusing or unnecessary content.

  1. Define your target audience

When creating a website we will want to properly communicate the message and content you want to convey: publish results of an investigation, describe a situation or the inclusion of diverse contents.

Depending on the target audience of the web design will be different. For example, if we publish an article visitors visit the site to read, so any element that overly decorate the page and restrict its charge will be negative for us.

In an educational web your target audience will be students and teachers of a subject, course or type of study.

  1. Gather information

Once the objectives set must collect all the graphic and written material that will be included on the web.

The material in the web should be targeted to that audience to better use.

  1. Organization

We must organize the content by topics or sections that fit our objectives, gathering the related information under the same heading.

It is desirable that the issues are fairly short and if necessary by sub-dividing,

  1. Create the directory structure

It’s time to organize content in a system of files and directories in an orderly manner. This process is called mapping website.

To help visualize the directory structure is advisable to draw a kind of flowchart placing directories go according to their importance from a lower level than others.

  1. Create a sketch

Is to draw the structure that will have our website, that is the look we want to have the web.

The sketch is a simplified visual representation of the visual elements that contain the page or web system and has two clear objectives:

Be the starting point to discuss ideas in group projects.

  1. Showing the client will see roughly what elements on the website.
  1. Development of the external appearance

The next step is the visual representation of the website.

The combination of color, graphics, text types and help us express what we want to communicate with style and impact is essential.

Issues to consider

Space and balance: the amount of space you occupy page elements as well as the amount of empty space and how to balance it all.

  1. Color: depending on the type of website will include bright or soft colors.
  2. Font: it is preferable not to include many fonts on a web page.
  3. Texture or background graphics: make sure that the text is clear and easy to read.
  1. Review of objectives

Finally, before we create our websites, we should pay attention to what we have reflected in the sketch covers the objectives we had set. If so, we can begin to manage with Dreamweaver.

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