Ranking Benefits Of HTTPS Over HTTP

Ranking Benefits Of HTTPS Over HTTP: (Secure Sockets Layer) SSL certificates provide additional security to the web. Basically it is used to encrypt the information and secure identities over the web (HTTPS) Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure have better enhanced security. At this time all of the websites should have SSL certificate activated for data integrity no matter it collects financial information or not.

Most important thing is trust of the user on the web, so it’s a basic understanding when user is searching for a product or information through search engine and sees that website is running on a secured protocol “HTTPS” there are more and more chances that user will visit the secured one as compare to the non-secured one “HTTP”.

Google officially announced ranking benefits for HTTPS information publically available here HTTPS AS A RANKING SIGNAL.


Google officially announced that if you want ranking boost for your website, then switching your website over https will give you a minor ranking boost.

But you still have to know that how can HTTPS gives you benefits over HTTP, No matter you are user or developer, it will be a good online experience inclines to involve a trusted third party and a good encryption.

You should know why Google favors these types of elements for your website and what advantages they give you, you should know the basic differences of HTTPS and HTTP.

In this Era we commonly use our Credit/Debit cards for online businesses, if we are using website which is on HTTP it is important to consider that any other resources can utilize our personal information through HTTPS, that’s why nowadays HTTPS is commonly used for accessing website containing financial information of the visitor. We all should get ranking benefits Of HTTPS Over HTTP.

In simple words Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is secure less as compare to Secured, Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTPS).

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