Simple Tips To Improve WordPress Website Ranking

Do you know what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is?

SEO is the process which helps increasing volume and quality of traffic in every website from search engines like Bing, Google, and Yahoo etc., via natural or unpaid results of searching in search engines.


Following are some great tips to optimize your website higher in Search Engines.

  • Combination of High Quality and Unique Content any type of enhancement will effect. Text (Content) is the best optimization. Ideally, the content contains keyword which highlights the theme of the post. That’s the main reason your content should be readable and understandable, always written primarily for users not for search engines.
  • Exchange backlinks with relevant sites which relating your topics and with websites of high page rankings. Also link between pages inside your site, but link those pages which relevant to the topic.
  • Always post images with good name in your site and caption if added. Google shows images and text both on its search results, always put images of name like, simple-tips-to-improve-wp-site-ranking.jpg. Always use alt tag and title tag for your images.
  • Use themes which are search engine optimized. Some themes use lot of codes to create the layout and design. Google will make way through the source code to find relevant content. If you have lots of code it will decrease the density of content and keywords. Fast performing themes are good for your Google search results; meanwhile the performance of a website is one of two hundred criteria that control your ranking.

Create a sitemap in XML format. It is very easy task to make sitemap using WordPress and plugins like Google XML Sitemaps. Google has many other useful tools such as Website Optimizer and Webmaster Central.

Keep on top you useful and informative content always to highlight keywords on your website. Use h1-h6 for headings or subtitles of an article/blog or informative content. Use the strong tag, too. But please don’t overdo it!

Put your posts on social media. But please promote other as well, Instead of promoting yourself only will honor your kindness and people will also link back to you.

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  1. I don't really know how I can rank on search engine and also make my site to drive in traffic. I was able to see my site ranking on search after reading this article, for over some months now my site find it very difficult in ranking on search result but now it does. Thanks to your help I am so happy to visit your website from the search I made on google on website ranking. Thanks for the lesson, God bless. This is my website @tecteem if we can be friends and checking each other site from time to time.

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