Tips For Finding A Talented Web Developer

Finding a web developer can be one of the most critical hires. A person who will be creating a beautiful face and presentation of your company online and enable you and your company to interact with your client virtually. So it’s very important that you make right decision or you will be damaging your business face over your virtual clients.

Following are some tips to help you take right decision:

  • Characteristics and work experience:

First take initiative to understand your own project goals whether you want a developer for startup or you are a established organization because a developer having experience of working with big companies does not necessarily means that he is good for a startup as thinking why? A startup may require multi-tasking, self-starter and a creative minded personality but these qualities are not necessary for already established organizations.

  • Judge with open-ended questions:

While interviewing candidate don’t ask questions which can be easily found over internet try to understand IQ level of the candidate because question’s like “When PHP was released” or “Who created Java” can easily be answered but the question’s like “In which platform’s you have worked so far?” or “For which industry you developed  your application and how did it serve that organization?”

  • Start with a small project for testing:

Now when you have decided that you have your right choice with you it’s the time when developer should be tested with a non-critical or small project where you can judge his patience, ability to achieve deadlines and creativity. One of the most important factor is communication because if a developer can’t understand your requirement clearly how he will produce accurate results?

  • Hire gradually but fire quickly:

Take reasonable amount of time when hiring a web developer but if you find out that he is not up to the mark or workable for your project take him/her out as soon as you can. A miss hire can lower your rest of the and deteriorate your project scope. This rule is really hard to digest for small companies where everyone is attached to each other but don’t wait for long to make decision.

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