Tips for Making Your Website Mobile Friendly

Did you know that the vast majority of people on the internet are doing so through a mobile device? Because of this, your website must be mobile-friendly. Though some people still use computers, a lackluster mobile experience can send your customer to a different company—and you don’t want that.

Mobile-Friendly Formatting

The first way you can make your website mobile-friendly is by formatting the site properly. Most mobile devices have their browsers in a vertical orientation, which is completely different than computers that have a horizontal one. If a mobile customer opened your website, they wouldn’t be able to see anything.

Many companies with which you build your website will help you optimize it for mobile. Helping people to experience your website is one of the best ways to show that you care about your customers as a business. For this reason, you shouldn’t take for granted setting up a mobile-friendly option.

Optimized Loading

On top of having the proper formatting, your website needs to load quickly. Long load times can be a huge detraction in a customer’s experience. Particularly on mobile, people tend to be impatient when it comes to loading times, waiting for only a few seconds before navigating away to someone else’s page.

How do you speed up your loading times? Part of it has to do with the strength of your company servers. Additionally, you should avoid overloading your website’s home page with too many photos and videos. This can slow down your website dramatically. If you are still having problems with slow load times, talk with an IT professional.

Avoid Pop-Ups

Lastly, you should avoid using an excessive amount of pop-up windows. Not only are they annoying in general, but they can be impossible for someone on mobile to see in the first place. Most mobile devices have some sort of blocker that can be cumbersome for some users to figure out.

In most cases, it is just easier to avoid using pop-up menus to do your website’s organization. Instead, you should flesh out your website’s infrastructure so it functions well without needing to open up so many windows. This can make your website a more cohesive experience.

If we are talking about the display of informative messages and promotional offers on the website of an online casino, it is important to remember the balance. It seems that as well as avoiding excessive pop-ups, it is beneficial to create a responsive and understandable infrastructure for players.

In an online casino, as in a website organization, offers and bonuses can be an effective tool to attract and retain players. For example, it is possible to implement a variety of games such as poker, blackjack, roulette, most volatile slots that allow players to choose the games according to their own preferences, on the casino website.

All in all, your website should be a welcoming place for everyone. Even though the divide between desktop and mobile users seems contrived, it still exists. Learning to embrace user experience problems with open arms will keep your company in the good graces of your customers.

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