Tips to Increase Sales from Ecommerce Website

Your Ecommerce website is launched and you have started to get sales, Awesome. Increasing new clients is one of the ways to increase sales. But there is also a possibility that you can do this with your existing clients.

Following are some tips to increase sales from Ecommerce website:

1. Market On Social Media

As we all know Facebook is king of social media for now, using facebook ads we at WebSensePro were able to improve sales by 20% for one our client who sell Electronic Equipment’s.

If you are not advertising your business on social media platforms than definitely you are missing new clients and sales.

2. Email follow-up to abandoned carts

You will notice that there maybe 40-50% abandoned carts in your Ecommerce store, means at first visitor was willing to buy than somehow he/she changed mind and went out of the website. It’s really a great opportunity for you to convince them again for your product by giving them a follow-up email.

One other reason of abandoned carts is additional cost, shipping fee and unexpected charges which client is not expecting at first. Adding competitive prices and products with complete pricing at first can also reduce abandoned carts.

Let’s assume that your sales are $2000 on monthly basis and by emailing abandoned carts you are able to recover 40% of them which means your total sales are $2800.

3. Add more attraction to your Ecommerce Website

That’s one of the most important part when developing your Ecommerce Website as there will be ZERO sales if products in the website looks ugly and not attractive be sure to make attractive animations and hover affects to create an eye catching layout. Use attractive font’s and GIF animations for your products.

There is always a good chance to increase sales by creating Ecommerce Website and social media marketing.

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