Tools of Adobe Photoshop

After loading adobe Photoshop, a variety of tools appear in the form of a sidebar apparently on the left hand side of the window. All tools normally fall under the category of painting, drawing, measuring and navigation, selection, retouching and typing. You may create shortcuts by adding various tools as you like. All can be extended to expose tools with similar functions. Although latest versions of Photoshop remain modernized to add new features and tools, numerous frequent tools that exist in almost every version of Photoshop are discussed below.

The function of the pen tool is to specify paths that would be deployed by using the function of anchor points. By the help of shape tool we can create shapes like rounded rectangles,rectangles, ellipses, lines and polygons. We can navigate an image where we want to be with the help of the hand tool. Retouching operations perform cut, edit and copy performed by via selection tool.Cropping permits enrichment of the composition of a photo while diminishing the file size. In latest versions, Video Editing is efficient and comprehensive with extensive formats of video including MOV,MPG-4, FLV and AVI formats. By using the color replacement tool, you can easily change colors, whereas maintaining the shadows and highlights.

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