Track Conversions in Squareup Website By Google Tag Manager

How To Track Conversions in Squareup Website By Google Tag Manager?

Adding Google Tag Manager tracking to a Square Online website for Google Ads conversion. Square Online is a robust e-commerce platform with built-in inventory management and a point-of-sale system. In this video, I’ll walk you through the process of seamlessly integrating Google Tag Manager to enhance your tracking capabilities.

The first step is to log in to your Square Online account. Once logged in, head over to the settings tab and navigate to the tracking tools section. Here, we’ll be adding the Google Tag Manager code to the header and footer of the website. Adding Google Tag Manager Code: Following the documentation link, we’ll click through the necessary steps to access the Square Online Overview page. This is where we can add various tracking tools, including Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Facebook Pixel ID. However, for Google Tag Manager, a custom header code is required.

Configuring Google Ads Conversion Tracking:

Now that we have Google Tag Manager in place, let’s take it a step further by setting up Google Ads conversion tracking. The video illustrates the process of adding a new code for the Google Tag Manager body, an essential step for comprehensive tracking.

Creating a Trigger:

With the groundwork laid, the next step is to create a trigger for the specific action we want to track – in this case, the “book appointment” button. By carefully naming the trigger and configuring it to detect the custom event associated with the button click, we ensure accurate and targeted tracking.

Setting Up Google Ads Conversion Action:

We’ve already created a conversion action in Google Ads for booking appointments. This involves obtaining the conversion ID and conversion label, which are then added to the Google Tag Manager setup.

Testing and Validation:

The video demonstrates the testing process to ensure everything is working seamlessly. Using the Tag Assistant, the presenter shows how the conversion action is triggered when the “book appointment” button is clicked, effectively communicating with Google Ads.


In conclusion, this video is a comprehensive guide for anyone looking to enhance their Square Online website’s tracking capabilities. By leveraging Google Tag Manager and Google Ads conversion tracking, businesses can gain valuable insights into user interactions, helping optimize their online presence. If you’re interested in more detailed tutorials on Google Tag Manager and other tracking tools, be sure to check out our playlist linked in the video description.

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