Web Designing Trends A Never Ending Battle

Everyone should agree that web designing trends are changing very quickly and it often go In and Out but we in 2016 we must stick to some of them which are really important for SEO factors like responsive designs, improved speed, flat and attractive user experience.

However what do you think should be new this year?

Let’s take a look….

1) Website with scroll or without?

websites with scroll or without

Have we decided that weather scrolling increase or decrease user engagement? I think answer is “No we have not decided it yet” I think that this battle will keep continue this year.

Let’s discuss some advantages of scroll:

  • Long scrolls are much more easier than clicking
  • Decreases bounce rate as it increases visit duration when visitor scroll down to read content
  • Number of scrolling sites are more than non-scrolling sites

Disadvantages of scroll:

  • Spaces out website content a bit awkwardly
  • Harder to find content as compare to Tabs/Accordions

2) Flat designs a focus for web designing trends

Flat design a focus in web designing trends

Flat design trend will be a dominating web designing trends for the year 2016 it’s not only about website’s which are already launched but the website’s with already have flat design are going to be more flatter. Biggest example is the Google an internet Giant remove bevels from there logo after applying this change Google found out that it’s much easier to ready on smaller devices.

3) Google material design trend

Material design language by google

Once again its Google, a Material Design Language was introduced by google back in 2014, everyone will agree that adoption trend for this language is quite slow but internet predictors say that in 2016 designers will start adopting it more rapidly.

As we all are seeing that flat design have reached to its peak designers might be watching for the next big trend to follow and Material Design Language from google seems like a next choice.

4) Full Screen forms

Full screen forms

Now as more and more responsive design is in the market more sites and apps are trying to put full screen forms for example there sign up and login forms. I think it’s really a good idea to make your website forms covering full screen rather than a small part above image is the great example for full screen form when you click ‘Contact Us’.

This trend showed for following reasons:

  • Gives some extra space so users can click on fields on smaller devices
  • Force user to fill up the form
  • Best practice for responsive design and web designing trends
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