Website Budgeting

Website Budgeting

The hardest thing to get started in the world of web design is having to make a website budgeting . It is the most complex step of giving and that brings us to the world of work and distances us student. And all doubt about the same thing: Collection lot? What I have to charge? How do I write?

In Creative Online and we address this same theme in the field of graphic design , and saw that these posts are a great help to you. For this reason I decided to write this sort of guidance on how to develop a web design budget , which I hope you find it useful. Remember you can review it in the comments section at the end of the post.
Factors influencing the budget web design

The structure

Web made “a hair”: that is, without CMS. You have to enter HTML, CSS and PHP to put each section in place, decide their appearance, etc. The customer to modify the contents of the page, or you will learn to navigate through code to make it (very unusual) or will have to come to us to ask us to update budget.
Web CMS (WordPress, PrestaShop, Magento, Joomla …) with CMS. In this way, the customer will have a panel of intuitive and convenient administration from which to update their own content without our attention. He himself need when we update the version of the CMS, incorporating features, etc.


Free template: very unusual situation. We would charge the template installation and customization of the basics (such as customer logo).
Free custom template: too rare. Would charge the same in the previous section more customization of the colors of the web, the layout of the content (fonts, sizes, margins …), etc.
Premium template: more common. We would have to charge the cost of the template itself, installing it and customizing basics.
Template adapted premium: as usual. In what was said in the previous paragraph, add color customization of the web, content layout, installing a plugin for specific special items (sliders …).
Design from scratch: that is, typing pure HTML and CSS code and designing all graphic elements in Photoshop. It is the most expensive, of course, by the time we have to devote choice.

The content

A more sections, larger budget. Logical, right?
The cost of the website pictures are borne by the customer. We must be very clear from the beginning. And it’s not the same if we have to find the images to a stock photo (charge for) that if you do the client and sends them to us.
Languages is not the same to a website in a language they do it in two or three. Ideally, whenever the customer to provide us with the translated texts.


The less time we let the client for the web, we have to work faster and more expensive will be the project.
Client changes
As in graphic design, in the initial price is good budget indicate the number of free revisions (as a guarantee) that we see that the customer can do. Once exceeded that number, we collect the amount that we have indicated. Some people, instead of charging for each modification, charges the amount of hours it will take you to make that change.

Customer size

It is the same to a website for a small independent who is starting his adventure, to do a page to a multinational.
Sections of a web design budget
First of all: customer data, your data, date, invoice number …

Project Description

Platform and development tools
Design and layout
Hosting and domain
Training and support

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