What the hell is Google Hummingbird?

What the hell is Google Hummingbird?

Google announced new search algorithm on August 30, 2013. So let’s understand what is this and how it will affect our SEO strategy:

What actually is Search Algorithm?

Search algorithm is a term used by search engine’s to sort through the billions of websites and provide accurate information to its users.

What is Google Hummingbird?

Google Hummingbird is the name of new search algorithm introduced by Google in order to provide much accurate and faster search results to its users which does not only focus on content but to it’s meaning also.

Now let’s discuss what actually Hummingbird does so in this update google say’s that it focus more for the “conversational search” let’s dig it up much deeper that how it actually works.

For example you are searching for “Web development companies closest to my home?” A default search engine will try to find matches of words and contents but hummingbird will focus on meaning behind the words so first of all it will detect your actual location if you have enabled it through your browser or device. Knowing your actual location will help do much better job than just finding pages with the relevant content. Google says that the goal is to find actual meaning of the query not just the words.

Difference in search results after hummingbird?

We don’t really have full-proof evidence showing difference in search results after hummingbird update but we can check it generally if you use Google a lot.

How to improve SEO now?

As per Google there is nothing completely new for publishers/bloggers. It’s still say that fresh, original and high quality content will the race. Hummingbird just Google help understand queries better so it can provide you with better local results.

If you want to know more about Google hummingbird update please visit this link

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