Why WordPress is the Perfect Match for Any Website

WordPress, at times, doesn’t get the credit it deserves. The open source software tool can be customized to suit the needs of almost any Internet website or platform and is a lot more powerful than you might think. Stared as a simple blogging platform, today there is nothing simple about WordPress except its simplicity to use. This is the same simplicity by which it powers millions of websites around the globe.

According to facts from Websitebuilder, WordPress now powers nearly 28% of the entire Internet. That’s millions of businesses from various sectors with different needs all using WordPress as the backbones to their sites. With such cross sector adoption, we explore why WordPress is seemingly the perfect match for any business regardless of sector, industry or the functional need of their websites or platforms.

Ease of Adoption

As WordPress is open source, it is free to use and you don’t need a license to use WordPress. WordPress code itself is written in PHP and MYSQL languages that a user doesn’t need to know to use it. WordPress is designed to be easy to use by everyone, from the least tech savvy blogger to a full-fledged web developer or programmer. WordPress is available in 72+ languages and has a 59.5% market share in its sector. For those that feel intimidated by the idea of building a website, the countless tutorials and forums that exist to guide new adopters to WordPress through the build and set-up process make it as simple as following a guided tour.

Themes & Plug-ins Allow For Unlimited Customization

The main factor that makes WordPress able to meet the functional and custom needs of any website is the themes and plugins that are available to WordPress users. There are thousands of themes available and a theme acts as the skeleton of a site. Themes exist for just about every style of website and are further customizable to meet the branding and overall brand identities of any business. The average cost of a theme is $57.54, and for those looking for an even better deal, there are many free themes available also.

Plugins are what gives the themes specific function and WordPress has over 52,180 plugins available for download. These plugins can add just about any function, from adding complete online store solution to protecting a website from spam or optimizing the website’s content for speedy loading times.

Steady & Frequent Updates

WordPress is constantly being updated and upgraded by a team of developers. On average, WordPress is updated every 42 days and is currently on its 32nd version. With these updates, common issues like bugs or security vulnerabilities are addressed, making WordPress safe and stable to use for the millions of websites it powers.

WordPress is the most adopted CMS software tool, for building websites and content management, that exists and is used by nearly 50% of the top 1 million sites online. Due to it being easy to adopt, implement and customize through its impressive range of themes and plugins, and its stability due to steady updates, WordPress is a perfect match for any website regardless of sector or industry.

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