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Word Press is an unpaid software, this means you are free to download, install, use and recast it. You can use it to design any kind of website. It is also open connection which means the origin code of the software is free for any one to read, recast and play with. Due to the nature connection, it is a community software. It is manage by a large group of enlist majority of whom are Word Press developers with alive interest in developing and managing it. Anyone can participate to Word Press by creating patches, answering supportive questions, creating plugins, designing themes, concerting Word Press and revising credentials.

By applying it you can become part of that useful community. You can get free support from new community members, download unpaid plugins and themes, and once you have an experience with it you can even assign back to the community. It is used by huge numbers of people and approximately every day new people are touching with the Word Press community by designing their first Word Press useful websites. The reason why people instantly adapt to Word Press is because it is very easy to use and understand..

As a body of fact most groups start using Word Press without any prior expertise of developing websites. The logic why it is such an ideal contestant is because there are millennium of free templates (themes) to select from, so you can accord your website any look you want. It’s themes are simple to customize because most of them come with their particular options panel granting you to change colors, update logo, change background, design beautiful sliders, and do other attractive things with your website without ever giving any code at all.

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