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The Internet and technology has evolved considerably in recent years. 10 or 15 years ago there were not many available tools that we have today, which provide us with the long life and allow us to achieve unimaginable things.

As for creating Web pages, when the Internet began, few people were who could create a site, as the theory and practice required to learn HTML programming and was much more limited.
As the years went by, they began to emerge different more friendly and accessible to all users platforms. One was WordPress, which emerged in 2003 as a free open source tool that worked to create blogs and publish content.

What began as a platform 100% focused on “blogging” has become a CMS (Content Management System) that lets you create any type of website and adapt to every need.

Need to create a virtual store? WordPress possible

You want to create a corporate site for your company? Forward! WordPress is an excellent choice to achieve.

You want to sell your digital product with a professional sales letter? There is no better choice than WordPress.

Are you photographer and want to create a page where you show your best shots? WordPress will be your best friend.

You want to create a personal or professional blog? There is no better choice than WordPress!

What makes it so flexible WordPress?

As I have said several times in the blog, WordPress is an open source platform, which allows hundreds of developers to create plugins and themes (templates) that make room for creativity and innovation are virtually limitless.
There are some myths related to WordPress. Many people think that to create a personalized and professional website will need to hire a programmer who takes large amounts of money.

And although many prefer this option on several occasions the end result is not desired, in addition to managing and updating the site can be a headache for the high dependency that has the person who programmed it.

WordPress anyone can create a Web site and, if necessary, seek help from a developer to do some special modifications. This is much more affordable and within time. The user may also, update, modify and make a good maintenance of your page from the main desktop platform. Nothing codes and advanced programming.

The future of WordPress

The focus of wordpress future remains the creation of blogs, I predict a great evolution in the development of plugins and themes that will continue to expand the possibilities and performance of WP.

Security is an important issue which is often ignored by people who use WordPress until your site is hacked or have problems with loss of information or content.

In most cases, these problems are not caused by faults that have WordPress rather by careless users. Ejempo: have harmful plugins not updating the platform to the latest version, use hacked or poor quality issues, etc.

In recent versions they have been introduced automatic updates, something that will help us all to use the latest, safe and stable. There will undoubtedly be many more news about future security.

WordPress community

To keep growing, not enough to just use the platform on our websites. It’s always good to get more involved with the community. Write on WordPress, you know recommends its use, learn more about how it works and why not? Become a developer WP!

I already am doing 🙂

WordPress Advanced I aim to contribute and help the community to learn how to use this wonderful tool that makes life easier and allows us to create and innovate on the Web.

Today more than ever the opportunity is there. It depends on each of us can know make the most of it.

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