Web Design is Digital Environment

Web design is the establishment of digital environment that facilitate and encourage human activity; reflect or adapt to individual voices and content; and change easily over time while always retaining their identity. Web design is not a book design, it is not flyer design, it is not a sample, and the biggest achievements of those tools are not what web design stands for. Although websites can be distribution systems for games and videos, and although those mailing systems can be attractive to look at, such sites are samples of game design and video story telling, not of web design. Web designs are like attractive buildings. All office buildings, however distinctive, have lobbies and bathrooms and stairs designs. Websites too share commonalities. Although an attractive website design is completely individual, it is also a good deal like other site designs that perform same duties. The same true of beautiful magazine and newspaper designs, which differ from banal magazine and newspaper layouts in a hundred details.
Few celebrate great magazine layouts, yet millions of people intentionally or unintentionally appreciate them, and nobody is not going to laments that they are not posters

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