Fashion Websites New Teacher For Web designers

Fashion Websites

Do you want to attract your website visitors and willing to convince them to perform particular action in your website? Than fashion industry is the new teacher for you.

Since many years clothing companies and other fashion websites are trying to persuade online visitors to become there paying clients. Convincing to buy a dress without touching, feeling and trying them on yourself is not an easy task. Following are some lessons which we can learn from them:

Compact Homepages:

In above example it’s all about look, style and compact design, styling navigation to be just icons and adding your product in homepage looks really great obviously picture should be of very good quality. Example take from which is one of the well known fashion websites.

Example for Fashion Websites

360 Video is in hot trend

Couple of years back fashion industry were the first one to use 360 videos in their website using this technology client can examine your product from every single angle and obviously it brings more attention to visitor which means more sales and conversions in your website

Use of Live Chat

We should all take advantage of live chat technology to be more friendly and instant to our online clients. Who might have questions about products, location and pricing. Fashion website from clothing store of Vancouver present this feature in a very fashionable way notice that sleek tab in bottom of the homepage

Choice of attractive fonts

Choosing an elegant and stylish font is not a hard thing just needs some research and you can easily find another reason to increase attraction in your website layout. There is abundant availability of free and premium fonts for web designers and artists to choose from but we are here to help you to choose some of the fonts which are very popular in designers, please check following list of font:

  • FF Din
  • Oswald
  • Brandon Grotesque
  • Aviano
  • Proxima Nova

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