How To Get More Website Visitors In 30 Days


All websites once had zero traffic — we all have to start somewhere. The key to consistent web traffic growth is a consistent effort.

Whether you have a startup website or need fresh ideas to drive clicks to your online store, strive to be a thought-leader through content. Content marketing is a great way to drive traffic — if done right.

The great news? Effective traffic-driving content marketing doesn’t take that long — and isn’t that hard.

Try these growth techniques and strategies to get more website visitors in just 30 days.


Days 1 – 6: Optimize for long-tail keywords

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is still one of the best ways to drive organic traffic to your website. Including specific keywords in your body copy, title and meta tags will help search engines recognize what your site is about.

There’s too much to SEO to pick up in 30 days. However, one great tip to drive up the traffic to your website is to optimize it for long-tail keywords.

These are longer, more specific searches than short-tail keywords. For example:

Google Search

There are many benefits to focusing on long-tail keywords. Such as:

  • The traffic you get is better targeted
  • You can get a higher conversion rate from them
  • It’s easier for you to optimize your website using them

However, the main reason for you to use long-tail keywords is that there is less competition for them. This means you can improve your ranking quicker than by going after short-tail keywords.

Days 7 – 12: Improve your website’s local SEO

80% of disposable income in the US is spent within 20 miles of the customer’s address. We’re part of a global world but you can’t ignore the value of your local website visitors. Improving the local SEO of your website can attract more of the right visitors to your business.

This could be done by writing guest articles for other blogs with a link to your website on it. Additionally, you could feature another businesses’ content on your social media channels so that they will return the favor. Other tactics include:

  • Setting up your Google My Business page
  • Optimizing your title tags and meta description to incorporate local keywords
  • Listing your business correctly with online directories

Buffalo Wild Wings is a great example of a company which used local SEO to its advantage. By optimizing the NAP (Name Address and Phone Number) on its website, the brand generated 132,000 business leads.

Days: 12 – 18: Solve the problems faced by your visitors

Local topics aren’t the only way to use your blog to get more visitors to your website. Solve the problems your users face by writing blog posts that provide the answers they need.

Doing this will turn your website into a resource. The result of this is that search engines will direct people to your website if they type in the questions you have answered.

To get more even website visitors, help people on forums (and leave a link to your website while you do so) by answering questions and providing practical advice. This can help to build a powerful community as people will appreciate your efforts, helping to turn them into visitors for your website and customers for your business.

Days: 19 – 24: Step up your marketing with influencers & ads


Micro-influencers are trusted individuals who have a strong online presence and high engagement levels. When influencers share recommendations and information about your business your brand instantly becomes more memorable, trustworthy and identifiable to consumers. As Sidney Pierucci of The Startup found, micro-influencers have a 60% higher engagement, are 6.7x more cost-efficient per engagement and drive 22.2% more weekly conversation than the average customer.

Interviewing an influencer could help you get more website visitors because the interviewees may share the interview with their audience. Julien at SleepSumo recommended emailing different influencers regularly as the expected response rate is 25%. His email template is as follows:



No one wants to pay for advertising but it continues to enjoy an excellent ROI. Online ads are dominated by Google and Facebook. According to WordStream, Google reaches 90% of all internet users, and Facebook – which has a colossal 1 trillion page views per month – reaches 51% of all internet users.

Tango Charlie Apparel is a great example of a business which has used ads to increase its traffic and drive up its revenue. Owner Tom has made from Google and Facebook ads a crucial part of his business model. As you can see from the stats found on Exchange, using these two forms of advertising has given Tango Charlie Apparel an impressive growth in website traffic:

Total Traffic

While Google is the king of search ads, Facebook ads have the ability to remain in front of your target audience with pinpoint accuracy. If you want to see improvements like Tango Charlie Apparel, I recommend using both Google and Facebook ads.

Days 25 – 30: Get more out of your social media

Use Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are important because they are at the top of users Instagram feeds and followers will view them as soon as they open up the app. Furthermore, being active on Instagram stories allows you to gain exposure by adding your location. This is beneficial if you want to attract local customers to your website. Finally, with its ‘swipe up’ feature, Instagram stories allows you to add a direct link to your website which will help increase website clicks.

Participate in Social Media Giveaways

Viral giveaways generate massive amounts of traffic. They are good because it increases brand awareness, grows your email list fast, grows your social media presence and increases your website traffic (especially if you embed the giveaway on your site).

No website started with a million visitors but plenty ends up with these numbers. While some brands arrive at these figures through good fortune, most get there by doing the simple things right.

Following the guidance in this article might not get you a million visitors but it’s guaranteed to get you more than you currently have in just 30 days.

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