Learn How To Add New Fields in Shopify Newsletter Form

In this tutorial, we will provide step by step instructions on How To Add New Fields in Shopify Newsletter Form:

newsletter form shopify

First Step – Shopify Dashboard :

Goto Shopify Dashboard which will look like below:

Shopify Dashboard

Then click on “Online Store

Second Step – Editing Dawn Theme Code :

In this step, we will go to the Code editing section for our Published Theme which is “Dawn”. Before doing we suggest creating a “Duplicate” to save the original files so if we do something wrong on the code we can easily revert it back from the Duplicate Theme.

editing dawn theme code

Third Step – Editing newsletter.liquid  file :

In this step, we will update newsletter.liquid file code, following is the code which we will use to add “First Name” and “Last Name” field in our Shopify Newsletter Form.

Fourth Step – Customization :

After update the code, go to “Themes” and then “Customize”

After that click “Add section” and search for “Email signup” and drag the “Email signup” element

Here is the form in which we added the fields

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5 thoughts on “Learn How To Add New Fields in Shopify Newsletter Form”

  1. The problem with this solution is that it does not record the name properly in the “Customers” local data area. It records the customers name twice.

  2. This is fantastic and one of the best tutorials I’ve found for this. But it throwing some errors of “missing translation: “t:sections.newsletter.settings.color_scheme.label” is not present in any of the [“en”] schema locale files” any thoughts on how to fix that? Thanks so much!

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