Responsive Web Design Services (RWD)

In order to learn the benefits of responsive web design services we should first have to get complete knowledge of development, working, and output we get from responsive design.

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is an approach to web design which is based on a layout where any size, width, height, colors, pixels, are like water which fits in every screen from larger to smaller and from smaller to larger,  by using CSS3 Media Query, an ext. of @media rule.

The 1st website to feature (RWD) was launched in late 2001 by a team at razorfish consisting of Jürgen Spangle and Jim Kalbach (information architecture), Ken Olling (design), and Jan Hoffmann (interface development).

After that first website the website development market focused on responsive designs and then the year 2013, Mashable called the year of responsive web design.

Why Google Recommends Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design recommends by Google because of its great user experience across many mobile devices and computer and it’s also helps to manage your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies.

As we can see the latest trend where in this era almost everyone has a mobile/smart phone, according to Google maximum traffic of website visitors are from smart/mobile phones.

Google says user preferred responsive web design rather than website which are difficult to navigate in smaller devices like ipad/mobile etc.

At WebSensePro we specialize in responsive web design services having portfolio of more than 100+ clients all over the world. We don’t only provide responsive designs but the most affordable web development services. An offshore web design company where you can rely without paying much of your budget a design which convert visitor into paying clients built with CMS technology which can easily managed by you once developed completely no hassle to contact developer again and again for small tasks like content and image update.

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