Top 3 WordPress Booking Plugins to Help Increase Your Business

Going to the dental doctor usually needs a reservation or sign up for a private coaching session at your native health center. within the past, the client would need to search a number, speak to somebody on the phone, then write that date and time on a paper. Those days are long gone, and it’s unbelievable to check the kinds of options perpetually being added to e-booking tools.
If you happen to run a business that needs appointments and reservations, it’s necessary to search the simplest match. That’s why we wish to outline the utmost best WordPress booking plugins to decide.

What you want to see in WordPress Booking Plugin

You may at first suppose that a booking engine could be an easy calendar with a form, however, it depends on the kind of business being run. for example, a health center might need multiple personal trainers. every of those staff wants their own schedules listed on the website. On the opposite hand, a dental workplace might have to display specific times and reveal the other kinds of services offered.

Therefore, it’s necessary to see closely at the options of every WordPress booking plugin. This way, you’ll have all of the functionality you want and a few flexibilities to grow your business stronger.

We find some helpful features in our research:

  1. One of the best is a customizable calendar, a user can place a calendar anywhere on the site.
  2. Responsive layout for customers so they can easily book order on any device.
  3. It should also have some methods of payment processing.
  4. Support for multiple “agents” or “service suppliers.”
  5. Areas for purchasers to look at and edit their bookings online.
  6. A filterable and searchable booking management module on the backend of your WordPress website.
  7. Features for customizing your schedule, like removing holidays and setting some free time middle appointments.
  8. Email confirmations and reminders for the admins and also the users.
  9. Customizable fields and drop-down menus for after you provide a large kind of services or different offerings.

1) WooCommerce Bookings

WooCommerce Booking WordPress

In the world of WordPress eCommerce, the WooCommerce plugin is king, one in all the major reasons for this can be because the core version is free–but you furthermore may have access to dozens of extensions for an affordable price. For example, the WooCommerce Bookings extension allows you to sell bookings. You continue to have the choice to receive bookings free from charge, however, the major reason you’d associate with a WooCommerce extension like this can be to receive payments against bookings.

I would argue that WooCommerce Bookings is best for corporations that already utilize the WooCommerce plugin. However, it’s additionally a pleasant, clean extension for newcomers out there. It permits for WordPress users to either stick to the easy, trendy layout or customize it with the assistance of CSS.

Once the extension is activated, it offers fields for descriptions, pricing, titles, and a calendar. for example, you may be renting out rooms to a bed and breakfast and need to speak concerning the rooms, pricing, and dates are available. Reviews are enabled in order that you build some believability with potential bookers.

The WooCommerce Bookings extension starts at $249 for one website and goes up to $449 for up to twenty-five sites. At this value, it’s one among the costlier plugins out there. Also, the source WooCommerce plugin is totally free, you don’t need to worry concerning paying for that. Finally, WooCommerce offers a full year of client support and a 30-day a refund guarantee. So, check it out and see if you wish it!

Best Features of this Plugin:

  1. Easily pick time and date from Calender.
  2. Set the limit of people who book and discounts on bookings.
  3. Customize your options to approve the bookings.
  4. Ability to integrate Add-Ons for more functionalities.

2) Bookly

Bookly Booking WordPress

The Bookly plugin has free and paid versions. If you propose on upgrading to the premium version, expect to pay a one-time fee of $89 (unless you’d prefer to continue paying for client support). The free plugin could be a basic booking tool, however, you don’t get the feature of online payments. So, unless you’re accepting free bookings, the Bookly premium version is the best for you.

As for its characteristics, Bookly is the most modern-looking plugin on this list. it’s a sleek style on the backend and frontend, and you’ll be able to customize different areas of the booking kind without knowing any code. I wouldn’t suggest it if you’re planning on using custom code.

The booking page is entirely customizable and responsive having multiple views for customers. It also includes a module for making a limitless range of employees members, wherever every member will make a different amount and availabilities.

Some Best Features of this Plugin:

  • Automatically send Email notifications.
  • Includes a Google Calender integeration.
  • You can add unlimited services to your booking page.

3) Booked

Booked Booking WordPress

The Booked plugin is merely sold through CodeCanyon and it goes for a reasonable value of $49. A number of the categories of bookings allowed paid bookings, guest bookings, and registered bookings. You’ll be able to show your time slots in calendar or list read and even translate it into different languages. What’s additional is that you’re ready to assign calendars to some person in your organization

Most of the customization settings involve calendar colors and fields, however, that’s what makes this plugin very easy to use. The frontend interface appear elegant and trendy, and you can integrate Payments with WooCommerce

Some Best Features of this Plugin:

  1. Simple & beautiful appointment booking.
  2. Much cheaper price and pricing fee is only a one-time fee.
  3. Support multiple employee calendars.
  4. Allow Guest booking, users don’t need to register to book an order.
  5. Able to change calendar colors.
  6. Some Shortcodes available to place a booking calendar anywhere on your site.
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