Visualize Special Journey with Your Website Design

Every single day of our life, we visit different places and take different journeys in life. In old ages our trips were limited to physical places. Now we are living in a digital world and we take many digital journeys for e.g. websites, facebook pages, emails etc. These digital journeys have changed the way we think and interact with people.

Visitor journey to your website will face different type of phases; following are some factors where we can get some feedback.

  • Search engine CTR (Click through rate)
  • Top pages from website analytics
  • Bounce rate (Lesser the bounce rate the more you will have conversions)
  • Social Media (Likes, comments and shares)
  • Client testimonials (Facebook rating or Google rating)

The above mentioned points can help us analyze user behavior and try to improve our marketing footsteps.

Website Design

Creating an ideal web presence require research that use above defined factors. And directly relate these factors with your website design. The more you know about your visitor the more you will be capable to present the information required by your visitor. Visitor should be inspired by your design, content and product if you have Ecommerce website. Educating visitor with the actual fact is the key to decrease bounce rate in your website. Including photos, graphics, animations and specially videos are the key elements to grab visitor attention in your website.

Website design is not only about stylish headers, footers or navigation bar. Best design is to convince your client taking right action in your website. It’s all about helping your visitor to find what he actually needs with the help of attractive design, illustration and content. It’s about making your visitor journey with the website a special one.

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