5 Ways to Use Your Retail Website to Sell Online

Your retail website or ecommerce platform is one of the first things that people will visit when searching for certain products. Today, people have a lot of choices and can easily find multiple options to browse through in a short time. The attention span of the average consumer is also getting shorter and is now only eight seconds.
This means that you need to make a good impression with your retail website instantly.

If visitors cannot look through the product catalog or contact a support representative quickly, they may leave the page. With a well-designed and user- friendly online platform, you can keep people interested and also convince them to make a purchasing decision. By creating an interactive retail website, you can easily
engage potential customers and sell online.

Here are some ways that you can use your online platform to increase sales and generate higher revenue.

1. High-Quality Visuals

It is essential to add clear and high-quality visuals so that visitors can get a close look at the products. Since people do not have the option to view the items themselves, they depend on the images to make the right decision. If your retail website or ecommerce platform has multiple photos for each product, you may
have a higher chance of making a sale.

You can hire a professional photographer to get attractive product images that grab attention immediately. Make sure that the visuals on your website reflect your brand values as well. Other than the product photos, potential customers are also likely to focus on elements such as the logo design, colors, and layout. It is also a good idea to draw attention to the packaging in the pictures so you can make it easier for people to identify your products later on too.

If you are yet to get an appealing and professional brand symbol designed, you can always consider a free logo creator and start using it for branding on the website and packaging.

2. Product Reviews

This is an important factor in increasing sales with your retail website. Most people tend to look for reviews from previous customers before making a purchase. You can add a section at the end of the product page that shows testimonials or feedback. Both eBay and Amazon have this feature on their ecommerce platforms. Customers can also rate the products according to their experience.

So, it’s a good idea to include honest reviews to maintain transparency and establish credibility as well. By highlighting them on your product pages you can increase conversions and also make a positive impression on first-time customers. Your website should give the option to leave feedback or review the product too.

3. Explainer or Demonstration Videos

Over the past few years, more and more people have become interested in video content. Even marketers are shifting towards producing more long and short videos to engage a wider audience. You can incorporate such content within your retail website to boost conversions and meet business goals in a given time. To convince
visitors to stay on the page for long and make a purchasing decision, you can include an explainer video that talk about the product in detail. This allows people to understand the features and get an idea of how it works.

There is also the option of adding demonstration videos or how-to tutorials to give visitors an insight into the functions and results. Video content works better than chunks of text or even images as people can view the product in action. You can also incorporate videos in the FAQ section with an expert answering the common
queries that people might have about the company or products.

4. Live Chat

It is common for retail websites to have a live chat option or chatbot with automated solutions. This creates a positive perception in the minds of the audience about your brand and encourages people to look for more information. Make sure that visitors can find the answer to questions about price, features and delivery immediately.

By adding live chat to the retail website, you can also convince first-time visitors to make a purchasing decision. While most websites use tools to reach out to potential customers, you can also have a team member answer the queries or talk to people who may be confused about the products.

5. Tracking Orders

When people place an order on the website, they usually want to know about the delivery date. So, it’s a good idea to include the option for tracking orders. You can direct customers to another landing page or give them updates via email. Since customers are given an order number after purchase, your website could allow them to track the order directly by adding their details. Having this option on your retail website can work very well for overall sales. You could easily boost revenue and build a loyal clientele as well. Order tracking also proves that your business is trustworthy and maintains transparency with customers.

To Sum Up

These are some ways that you can use your retail website to sell online. Try and apply a few of them to achieve the desired results and improve sale in a short time.

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