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Word Press

Word Press is an unpaid software, this means you are free to download, install, use and recast it. You can use it to design any kind of website. It is also open connection which means the origin code of the software is free for any one to read, recast and play with. Due to the …

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Email marketing tips by WebSensePro

Email Marketing

Email marketing provides all the tools you need to easily design and modify HTML email magazine that will attract your viewers. Economical building and managing your mailing lists are vital for successful bulk email marketing. It’s manageable to do with our easy-to-use tools. Sending your campaign is pointless if you face email delivery issues. It’s …

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Updated meta tags is a factor for SEO

HTML5 Mobile Meta Tags

HTML5 Mobile Meta Tags There are several <meta> tags that are specifically geared to mobile devices. Among them are <meta> tags that tell browsers to take up the entire view-port and disable scaling, and to change the status bar color, which we will cover in the following section. View-port Meta Tag On the desktop, unless …

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Responsive Website Design by WebSensePro

Importance of responsiveness in Web Designing and Development

Responsiveness in web designing is an approach to make something which automatically adjusts on every device in which it is rendered. Now a days it is like a mandatory stuff to create a responsive and fascinating design because now visitors are not coming through desktop only as there are many devices which includes tablet and …

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